Knot – the bird

September 1, 2009

Ok, so as a group we randomly selected “knot” out of an encyclopedia. Not the rope, the bird. As it turns out, knot is a species of the sandpiper bird which breeds on Arctic coasts and migrates as far as South America. We compared the article in the encyclopdia text to Wikipedia and Britannica.

The biggest difference that we noticed was that Wikipedia didn’t have an entry for that particular meaning of the word at all. Britannica and the text both had a thorough description and definition of the sandpiper bird, but Wikipedia was lacking in that it could not offer us any information in our quest to define Knot; the bird. It also became very clear, almost immediately, that Britannica would stop at nothing to pressure you in to buying a subscription. For real, chill out with the popups. I would rather look it up on Wikipedia anyways, but apparently they don’t have much of a bird watching audience.


So, in considering how I could contribute to the Wikipedian community I looked up my alma mater: Marietta High School. As I read the description I noticed that the list of notable alumni was seriously lacking. Yes, there were accomplished graduates like Alan Ball (writer of American Beauty), BUT there was one especially important name missing from the list…Here is my edit. Scroll down to “Notable alumni”.

Also, in relation to my Wikipedia research, a fellow blogger finally figured out what is wrong with Wikipedia all together. Interesting statistics…


2 Responses to “Knot – the bird”

  1. Thanks for the mention and the elegant example of why I habitually rant against Wikipedia!



  2. dcrovitz said

    Interesting link. Looks like an opportunity to contribute to the entry…as a “work in progress,” you’ll definitely come across entries in need of attention.

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